$TNSR has a total supply of 1 billion tokens. The initial $TNSR distribution is as follows:

  • 55% or 550,000,000 $TNSR to the community

    • of which 12.5% is the initial airdrop

    • of which 2.3% is the power user airdrop (vested)

  • 27% or 270,000,000 $TNSR to core contributors

  • 9% or 90,000,000 $TNSR to investors & advisors

  • 9% or 90,000,000 $TNSR reserve for future fundraising & development

Contract address is TNSRxcUxoT9xBG3de7PiJyTDYu7kskLqcpddxnEJAS6.


Vesting is split into three buckets:

  • Core contributors, investors & advisors: 3 year linear vest with 1 year cliff

  • Half of community treasury: 3 year linear vest, no cliff

  • Half of community treasury and reserve: no vest

Community Treasury

12.5% of the total supply will be immediately distributed through the first airdrop to owners of Treasure Boxes and Tensorians.

An additional 2.3% will be distributed to power users on a 2 year vesting schedule with a 6 month cliff.

The remaining 40.2% will be used for incentive programs, liquidity provisioning, and grants beneficial to the Tensor ecosystem.

As $TNSR tokenholders control the supply of the $TNSR tokens, tokenholder governance can decide to vote in a reasonable inflation rate when the community treasury runs out.

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